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 New income 


New icnome of Lenovo notebooks

Lenovo G500 Tex Intel 1005M/4GB/500Gb/integr HD4000/DOS/15.6" HD/0.3M/Black
Lenovo G500-Tex Intel 1005M/2GB/500Gb/integr HD4000/DOS/15.6" HD/0.3M/Black
Lenovo G5070A Intel i3-4030U/4GB/500Gb/M230 2GB/DOS/15.6" HD/0.3M/Black
Lenovo G510 Metal Intel i7-4700MQ/8GB/1Tb/R7 M265 2G/DOS/15.6"" HD/0.3M/Black
Lenovo Z5070 Intel i5-4210U/6GB/1Tb/GT840M 2Gb/DOS/15.6 HD/0.3M/Dark Chocolate
Lenovo Z5070 Intel i5-4510U/8GB/1Tb/GT840M 2Gb/DOS/15.6 HD/0.3M/Dark Chocolate
Lenovo G510Tex Intel i7-4700MQ/8GB/500Gb/R7 M265 2G/DOS/15.6" HD/0.3M/Black

 New incomes archive  
    New income
20/10/14 New income, AMD memory
14/10/14 New income Lenovo notebooks
09/10/14 New income Palit videocards
28/04/14 New income of Kingston products - SSD, flash and module memory
28/04/14 New income of Palit VGA to 30.04.2014
09/12/13 New income of Palit VGA to 12.12.2013
09/12/13 New income of Zeppelin memory modules to 11.12.2013
26/11/13 New income of Zeppelin memory modules
26/11/13 New income of Gainward VGA
22/10/13 New income of Gainward VGA
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